VertiSVV is a system that lets you perform the Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV) and Subjective Visual Horizontal (SVH) tests to detect otolith and central disorders. It consists of three components:

  • Virtual-reality goggles that totally eliminate any visual references for the subject.
  • A specially designed, easy-to-use wireless controller.
  • The VertiPACS software, which leads the user through the tests, analyzes the data (mean, standard deviation, etc.) and enables editing and visualising the test results, including normative data.



The SVV test can be performed in an upright as well tilted position. The SVV device transfers roll and yaw angle in real time to the PC, guaranteeing an ideal measurement situation. The deviation from the real vertical or horizontal can be calculated with an accuracy of 0.2°. The roll angle can reach 90°. Measurements can be grouped into user-defined groups.

The operator is guided through the steps by colored marks. Different stimulus pattern can be selected. The outcome is displayed in a table and in standardized diagrams that show normative areas.


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