VertiGoggles are state-of-the-art infrared goggles for balance testing. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, they offer high-resolution recor-ding up to 1080p and high frame rates up to 220fps. They are connected to the PC via USB 2.0 using a ultra-flexible cord. Eye recordings can be done in total darkness using a magnetic cover. The goggles are designed to be able to capture either the left or the right eye.

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Typical setup during Caloric testing: Verti-Goggles are used to record eye move-ments. A fixation LED in the goggles can be switched on to measure the fixation suppression value.


Positioning vertigo tests

Using the VertiGoggles with the cover clo-sed enables detecting position-depen-dent nystagmus while fixation is disabled.


Visually stimulated tests

Typical setup to perform visually stimu-lated tests like Optokinetics or Saccades tests. The stimulus is created by the VertiPACS software and displayed via a projector or large TV screen. VertiGoggles record the resulting eye movements.



Due to the high frame rate, the build in gyro sensor and the light weight design, the VertiGoggles are the ideal devices for Head-Impulse-Testing.


Rotary chair tests

The VertiChair loops trough a USB con-nection that allows to use the Verti-Goggles as tracking devices.