VertiChair is a multi-purpose rotary chair system for the diagnosis and treatment of vestibular disorders. Its powerful step engines allow the subject to be turned in the pitch and yaw plane at the same time providing a unique range of motion. Its motor-driven sled can even move the subject out of the yaw axis to enable eccentric rotations.

The chair is controlled by VertiPACS, the integrated software for all ZEHNIT vestibular products.

The system can be position driven and velocity driven. It lets the user perform all well-known  vestibular procedures and tests, including all standard and user-defined proce-dures for the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV the chair can perform all standard procedures and user defined procedures as well. The pre-set procedures are:

• Dix right/left
• Supine roll
• Aggressive Dix right/left

• Posterior right/left
• Aggressive posterior right/left
• Anterior right/left
• Lateral right/left (BBQ)

Velocity-driven tests:
• Impulse acceleration test
• Constant acceleration test
• Sinusoidal acceleration test
• Sinusoidal harmonic acceleration test

Unilateral Centrifugation
• the ‘Gold Standard’ in Utricule testing
• Uses VertiSVV as measurement device
• Maximum yaw velocity up to 400°/s
• gravito-inertial acceleration vector up to 19°